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Strategies that lead to success:
• Bond with important adults in your life. Find a good school mentor, such as a teacher or coach.
• Be persistent. If you don’t understand a concept in class, keep trying. Ask questions. Do extra work if necessary. Successful people aren’t always the smartest or fastest. They are the ones who don’t give up.
• Get organized. Use calendars to keep track of deadlines. Plan ahead. Try to do a little work every day, instead of a lot on one or two days.
• Complete tasks ahead of time whenever possible.
• Explore ideas when you have them. If you want to try something, try it! If you fail, try again!
• Set goals, even if they seem out of reach. Write them down, and work toward them.
• Have fun! Never forget hobbies, exercise and time with friends.
Source: “USA Today’s All-USA High School Academic Teams Passion for Subjects Leads to Exceptional Work,”

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