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Faculty & Staff

Almand, Sydney Art
Anderson, Jessica Academics
Anderson, Sandra Intervention
Bahorich, Sarah Language Arts
Barrow, Zachary Social Studies
Borck, Denise Media Specialist
Borck, Thomas Math
Brannen, Lynn Administrative Assistant
Brooks, Travis Assistant Principal
Broucek, Michelle Counselor
Bufford, Mary Academics
Clear, Michael Science
Collins, Jake Assistant Principal
Coto, Ashlyn Language Arts
Dampier, Allison Social Studies
Deckard, Bob Science
Dickens, Tammie Intervention
Dodson, Joe Language Arts 
Drummer, Anesha Paraprofessional
Ems, Matthew Academics
Gilmer, Colin Language Arts
Goldstein, Ana English for Speakers of Other Languages
Gonzalez, Laura Math
Hall, Brian Physical Education
Hamilton, Melvin Music
Hotchkiss, Evan In School Suspension
Hudgens, Dee Science
Jackson, Danielle Science
Johnson, Patty Academics
Lamb, Elizabeth Social Studies
Lane, Simone QUEST (Gifted)
Mackiewicz, Stephanie  Social Studies
Magee, John Social Studies
Massee, Lauren Counselor
McAfee,  John Principal
McCullough, Grace Lunchroom Manager 
McGowan, Jodi Science
Miles, Jimmy Special Ed Coordinator
Mitchell, Yolanda Social Skills
Moore, Marsha Academics
Moran, Racheal Math
Nelson, Kim Registrar
Overton, Claire Language Arts
Payne, Vernon Social Studies
Raymond, Adrienne Math
Revell, James School Resource Officer
Salter, Mitzi Nurse
Smith, Amy STEM
Smith, Matt Physical Education
Staten, Vernetta Science
Sutton, Alex Math
Tackett, Deanna Language Arts
Trejo, Alicia Family Engagement Specialist
Van Tassell, Danielle Special Education
White, Melanie Paraprofessional
White, Paige Bookkeeper
Williams, Michael Technology Liaison


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