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Parent Student Teacher

Safety Plan

Severe Weather/Emergency Disaster Plan

Crisis Response Team Training and Responsibilities

Names of School Emergency Team Members

Designated School Site Emergency Coordinator:  Tony Natson  

Other Team Members:  Julie Mizell, Scott Chapman, Dee Dee Thompson, Emerson Chester, Renee Durrence, Matt Greene and Penny Lott, Lauren Webb, & Thomas Borck

Team Roles (Primary, Alternate)

·        Establish emergency kit and prepare contents:  Renee Durrence, Lynn Brannen

·        Keep principal informed of student and building status:  Gwen Butler, Tony Natson

·        Notify parents/spouses of injured parties:  Kim Nelson, Lynn Brannen

·        Identify injured persons or fatalities: Scott Chapman, Matt Greene, Penny Lott

·         Update parents, public and media:  Julie Mizell, Tony Natson

·         Report to the hospital and coordinate information from hospital to school and the central office:  Emerson Chester

·         Handle telephone calls:  Kim Nelson and Lynn Brannen

·        Compile a roster of students absent from school at the time of crisis:  Gwen Butler and Lynn Brannen

·         Develop updated information sheets for parents, teachers, and others:  Lynn Brannen

·        Release students to parents and non-parent adults:  Kim Nelson, Lynn Brannen and Gwen Butler

·        Acquire and distribute food to students and emergency personnel: Tonya Deloach (Food Service Staff)

·        Print and distribute badges for school and emergency personnel:  Denise Borck and Michael Williams

·        Direct traffic outside the building:  Pam Radford, Emerson Chester, Melvin Hamilton, and Joyce Smith

·        To develop a letter to notify parents of post-crisis intervention. Coordinate with central office to conduct a community forum to discuss the emergency, identify follow-up activities, arrange a plan for transportation for students, faculty and parents to home, hospital, emergency shelter, etc: Julie Mizell, Tony Natson, Pam Radford and Denise Borck.


Staff members trained in CPR:   Matt Greene, Emerson Chester, Scott Chapman, Renee Durrence, Felecia Prince, Pam Radford, Chuck Rockett, Tony Natson

Professional Counselor:  Dee Dee Thompson and Lauren Massee

Maintenance director/head custodian:  Patricia Mosley – meets the crisis agencies’ staff to identify and assist in securing any potentially dangerous utility systems.


Emerson Chester and Scott Chapman will follow the ambulance to the hospital and stay until the doctor gives the family a report.  They will bring this information back to the school for the school nurse to document it.  The guidance counselor and system psychologist are available to follow up with children in days to follow the crisis if necessary.  The school principal is responsible to make sure follow up procedures have been completed. 

Crisis Communication System

          Julie Mizell or Tony Natson will initiate/activate this system which provides information to selected groups of individuals.


To become familiar with counseling and debriefing activities.

To practice crisis response regularly to ensure a high degree of familiarity

To establish documents for communication to parents and the public.