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The faculty and staff listings are subdivided within the websites above. They are listed according to their area, grade, or placement in the building. Additional information such as teaching assignment, classroom location, and picture may be found on these pages.

Faculty & Staff

  Anderson, Jessica   Academics
  Anderson, Kay   Social Studies
  Bahorich, Sarah   Language Arts
  Borck, Denise   Media Specialist
  Borck, Thomas   Math
  Brannen, Lynn   Bookkeeper
  Butler, Gwen   Registrar
  Carter, Jessica   Career Exploration
  Chapman, Scott   POI/PLC Coordinator
  Chester, Emerson   QUEST
  Cummings, Merideth   Math and Language Arts
  Deal, Elizabeth   Academics Teacher
  Deloach, Tonya   Lunchroom Supervisor
  Durrence, Renea   Nurse
  Ford, Adrienne   Math
  Green, Boyd   Science & Physical Education
  Greene, Matt   Physical Education
  Hall, Brian   Science & Physical Education
  Hamilton, Melvin   Music
  Horton, Autumn   Art
  Howard, Chris   Paraprofessional
  Hudgens, Dee   Math
  Jackson, Danielle   Science
  Jenkins, Talondria   Staff
  Johnson, Patty   Academics
  Lamb, Elizabeth   Math
  Lane, Simone   Science
  Lanier, CJ   Paraprofessional
  Littles, Larry   Paraprofessional
  Lott, Penny   Social Studies
  Marsh, Joy   Language Arts
  Massee, Lauren   Counselor
  McGowan, Jodi   Science
  Moore, Blanche   ISS
  Moran, Racheal   Math
  Mosley, Patricia   Head Custodian
  Natson, Tony   Assistant Principal
  Nelson, Kim   Secretary
  Prince, Felecia   Social Studies
  Prosser, Jennifer   Language Arts
  Purvis, Jenny   Math & Language Arts
  Radford, Pam   Social Studies
  Renfroe, Becky   Language Arts
  Robinson, Latasha   Paraprofessional
  Rockett, Chuck   Social Studies
  Rotramel, Alex   Math
  Smith, Allison   Science
  Smith, Amy   STEM
  Smith, Joyce   Academics
  Starling, Georgia   Language Arts
  Staten, Vernetta   Science
  Tackett, Deanna   Language Arts
  Tate, Kyerha   Language Arts
  Thompson, Dee Dee   Counselor
  Wagoner, Kim   Math
  Waters, Shannon   Social Studies
  Wiggins, Leslie   Parent Involvement Coordinator
  Williams, Michael   Sys Admin
  Williams, Sue   Paraprofessional
  Wilson, Lessie   Lab Instructor
  Yawn, Mike   Principal